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Miracle Holiness Church was started in the Spring of 1973, by The Late Bishop Albert L. Stephens and Mother Ada D. Stephens in a small storefront building on 13th St. in Cincinnati,Oh.  Bishop Albert served the Body of Christ (First Born Church  and True Holiness Church of GOD) as a Dynamic Deacon and a Wonderful Bible Teacher for some 45 years.  He was  Ordained Elder and Pastor within a year of his entrance into the Ministry. Mother A. Stephens was a Woman of Faith, a Powerful Preacher, Awesome Teacher and Assistant Pastor.

M.H.C. is a Orthodox Bible believing Church.  We are a Discipling Church with and emphasis on Rightly Dividing The Word of GOD.  In Worship and Service we are Holy Spirit led. In our walk we stress Holy living through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  We Preach Salvation through Faith in JESUS CHRIST and the purifying of the soul through the Baptism of The Holy Ghost, The rapture of the Church ,The Second coming of Jesus Christ , and  The Day Of GOD.

Our desire is to dwell in HIS Glorious Presence. Psalms 27:4.
Our Passion is Souls!
Our calling is the Preaching and Teaching of the Word of GOD unto Salvation .

                                     ~Who Are We ~                                                      
  I, Elder J Stephens have had the honor of being Pastor of this wonderful church from 1998 to this present day. I serve the body of Christ with my lovely wife of 33 years, First Lady Pat Stephens and my four Lovely,  daughters. We believe that GOD has called us to raise up a Godly seed - (Mal 2:14-15). For they who worship the Lord must do so in Spirit and in Truth, for The Father seeketh/demands such of his worshippers. This is the tenet of our Faith and Ministry.

   I have been taught and believe that Holiness has a standard and is the true standard of living.  For God said, be ye Holy for I Am Holy, turn it around and He says Holy Am I, So Holy ye be.  Thus we know that holiness is more than a way of life, and is not limited to any one denomination.  It is The Way to and in life(eternal life), for the saints were called the people of That Way-(Acts 9:2,19:9,23), before they were identified as Christians (Christ like ones). 

    Holiness is more than a clean life, for there is a power dynamic associated with its endowment. For ye shall receive Power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you, and in accordance you shall be My (eye) witnesses unto the uttermost parts of the world .  Acts 10:38 says That "God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and Power, and He immediately went about doing good, even healing/saving/delivering all whom were oppressed of/by the devil/adversary."  Peter declares that  we are eye witnesses of these miracles. And JESUS declared that these and greater works (in number) shall ye do for I go to my father.  In Acts 19 we see special, distinctive, clear and unquestionable miracles done by the hands of Paul The Apostle.   He is LORD and Behold He Changeth not! Mal 3:1.
We at Miracle Holiness believe that the Same Grace and Power is available to them that believe.  For If/when we walk upright, He promises to hold no Divine thing from us.

Is there anything to hard for GOD?
Is there any conflict He can't resolve?
Is there disease he can not cure?
Is there any Promise He has not fulfilled?
We say No there is none no not one, for with GOD all things are Possible to them that Believe.

We believe in The Manifold Dynamic Power of GOD through the Baptism Of The Holy Ghost.
We believe The Church of JESUS CHRIST to be the conduit of That Grace and Power.
We Believe that The Prayer Of Faith will procure the healing of the sick.
We believe that the Greatest miracle to be The Saving of the soul.
We Bid you come for He is Here. Believe for you shall Receive. Ask for it shall be given unto you.

1. Community food and clothes -Sharing and Distribution.
2. At risk Youth, Outreach and Prison Ministry.
3. Adult Prison ministry.
4. Youth mentoring  and after care programs.
5. Shut-Ins and Revivals
6. Marriage and Family Counseling
7. Personel Prayer and deliverance ministries.
8.Nursing and Residential Care ministries

Our Name Miracle Holiness denotes the Triumphant Experience of THE MIRACLES of HOLINESS in the Lives of  the Believers In Christ Jesus.  This is the LORD's Doing and it is Marvelous in our Eyes.

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Miracle Holiness Church of God
6325 Betts Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45224
Church Phone: 513-429-5028
Pastor's Phone: 513-541-0597

Church Email : Smiracleholines@cinci.rr.com
Pastor's Email: PastorStephens@fuse.net
Skype@: miracle.holiness.church.of.god

The Late Bishop Albert Stephens ,     Founder
Pastor, Elder
Jonny Stephens
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